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Infantry & Tank Ranges - The Netherlands

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Located in
The Netherlands

Built in

Climatic Conditions
-20°C to +35°C

Summer: Hot and humid
Winter: Snowy & cold

Power Supply
230 V AC and 400 V three phase

Comm. Technology
Hadrwired Controlled Range
Infantry & Tank Ranges - The Netherlands
The first shooting range is used to train infantry groups or platoons in attack and defence operations. At a predefined start-line an infantry group or platoon can spread and move in-line forward through the terrain. While moving forward, infantry and tank targets can be activated to rise in a pre-programmed scenario. An infantry group will use only one sector for their exercise. A group size exercise can be operated from and the results can be displayed at the sector control console. An operational theatre can be simulated by the use of pyrotechnics. All targets are equipped with adjustable target illumination.

The second shooting range can be used for small arms and guns of (armored) vehicles with calibers from 5,56mm to a maximum of 12,8mm (0,50”) and sub-caliber antitank weapon Pantzerfaust (18 mm). One Sector is used for shooting exercises with long range rifles. This sector has 10 shooting positions and 10 shooting lanes. All fixed infantry targets are equipped with a LOMAH sensor system. Moving targets installed at different locations can move up to five infantry targets, with 5m space between the targets, continuously across the shooting range. The other sectors are used for shooting exercises from fixed shooting positions, with guns of (armored) vehicles and small arms of shooters outside the vehicle.