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Tank Range - The Netherlands

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Located in
The Netherlands

Built in

Climatic Conditions
-20°C to +35°C

Summer: Hot and humid
Winter: Cold and snowy

Power Supply
400 V three phase

Comm. Technology
Hardwired Controlled Range
Tank Range - The Netherlands
This Moving Armor Target Range was designed to provide our customers a moving armor target system, which guarantees maximum of comfort and functionality. The range consists of three lanes. Each lane uses a large trolley that provides the use of very large target silhouettes to replicate different levels of threat, which are encountered on the battlefield. In addition to the moving targets the range has four stationary armor targets that are located on different positions.

The drive system of the trolley makes a movement speed possible adjustable in several stages. All target and movers can be controlled by using the Range Control Computer that is located in the control house of the shooting range. The control console has a touchscreen to operate the range. The Range Control Software enables the control as well as the status monitoring of all targets on the range. It displays the training area graphically on monitors and reports the number of hits for each target.