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Infantry Range - GCC

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Located in
Middle East

Built in


Climatic Conditions

-2°C to +55°C


Summer: hot and dry
Winter: humid

Power Supply
230 V AC, Battery-Powered, Solar Panel

Comm. Technology

Hardwired & Radio Controlled Range
Infantry Range - GCC
This extensive turn-key live fire range project has been taken into operation in 2011. The entire range complex consists of 5 live fire shooting ranges and supportive infrastructure.

Each range has an individual control tower. Each range can be controlled from a range control computer that is located in the tower. The range complex maintains a zeroing range with electronic box targets and shooter monitors. The range supports shooting distances range from 10m to 25m.

On the hardwired and mains powered Field fire range, rotary pop-up targets are located on various distances between 50m and 300m. Two sniper ranges with distances up to 400m are battery powered and solar charged. Some targets are located in mock-up facades. A fire and movement range is equipped with radio controlled and mains powered equipment.

Some of the targets are deployable to move them on the range. The range consists of facades, hills, graves and other barriers. A Modified Multipurpose Range consists of 10 lanes, each 1000m long. This range is equipped with rotary pop-up targets and two moving target systems.

In 2012 TTS has been awarded with contracts to extend this training facility.