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Infantry Range with 3D LOMAH - Germany

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Located in

Built in

Climatic Conditions
-20°C to +35°C


Summer: Hot and humid
Winter: Cold and heavy snowfalls

Power Supply
230 V AC and 400 V three phase

Comm. Technology
Mobile Target System for Precision Shooting
In 2014, TTS installed several moving infantry target systems to different range location in Germany. All moving targets system are equipped with a wide-angle 3D Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) target system.The 3D LOMAH is a training and zeroing system for precision shooting ranges. It provides immediate performance feedback for supersonic ammunition and specifies the positions of shots with exceptional accuracy.The special design of the system enables the scoring of projectiles fired with shooting angles up to ±30° Azimuth and ±10° Elevation. The target system can be controlled by a portable touchscreen Range Controller. Shots fired at the target system are displayed on the controller. During firing, the screen displays shots as they are received, scores them and re-calculates the mean point of impact and the extreme dispersion.