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Tank Range - Kuwait

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Located in
Kazma Range, Kuwait

Built in


Climatic Conditions
Summer: hot and dry
Winter: warm and dry

-2°C to +50°C

Power Supply

12 V & 400 V three phase

Comm. Technology
Radio-Controlled Range

Solar charged moving armor targets
Tank Range - Kuwait
This anti-armor range is part of a vast complex that also includes infantry ranges as well as a MOUT city.  Within this radio controlled anti-armor range, armored vehicles such as jeeps, drive along marked roads shooting at infantry or even armored targets. Due to the high flexibility given by the radio controlled and battery powered targets, this training area is highly dynamic and might be changed after every use without any major configuration changes on the targets. With the use of solar panels the batteries of the targets are continuously charged just by the sunlight.
This anti-armor range is overseen by a Control Tower that uses TTS´s TACF software which guarantees full and easy control of the training area.