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Deployable Range Packages - USA

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Located in
Around the globe

Built in
2004 and 2005

Climatic Conditions

from high humidity to extreme dry and dusty climates


-20°C to +65°C

Power Supply
Infantry Targets: 12V
Batteries-solar charged;
Armor and Moving Targets: 24V
Batteries-solar charged

Comm. Technology
Radio-controlled versions

lightweight, compact system, easy to set-up
Deployable Range Packages - USA
The concept behind deployable range packages is simple and yet demanding. Modular, deployable, compact, light weight and easy to operate equipment is delivered in standard shipping containers allowing the end user to ship whole live fire shooting ranges to any place around the globe. The battery powered, solar charged and radio controlled lifters and movers have no infrastructural requirements. Once delivered to the provisional destination the equipment can be unloaded, brought out and set up in the desired live firing area. Due to the low clearance of our products just low berms have to be provided to protect the equipment from direct hits. Nonetheless ballistic shields are available. Once placed in position lifters and movers can be easily radio operated with range control laptop computers or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant).
Amazed by the modularity and desert fitness of our deployable products the end user continued to order more equipment in 2005 & 2006 to face the extreme environmental conditions where competing products fail to operate.

The computerized range can be controlled by stationary control computers and hand held controllers. The position of deployable stationary infantry targets can be altered to swiftly modify the training scenario. Moving infantry target systems are equipped with modifiable target mechanisms allowing pop-up and swivel target mode.