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Infantry Ranges - Germany

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Located in

Built in

Climatic Conditions
-20°C to +35°C


Summer: Hot and humid
Winter: Cold and heavy snowfalls

Power Supply
230 V AC and 400 V three phase

Comm. Technology
Infantry Ranges - Germany
Since 2007 the German Army requires standard range equipment for small arms training. The communication protocol, the instructor’s interface, the data processing and even the fixtures in the target pit were specified in detail by the Army. In a first accreditation phase the participating companies had to provide a sample unit (both target and range controller) to prove compliance with the Army’s specifications.
Compliance tests were conducted by commissions of the MOD (Ministry of Defence), the End User, the procurement body, and an independent consultant team. Besides TTS only two suppliers (in a worldwide competition) were admitted to the demanding program. After the receipt of the Army approval each current and future range complex is competitively awarded by public solicitation.
Each range location may solicit their range requirements and may use a harmonized Army template to do so.