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Tank Range - United Arab Emirates

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Located in
United Arab Emirates

Built in


Climatic Conditions

-2°C to +50°C


Summer: hot and humid
Winter: Cold and dry

Power Supply
230 V AC and 400 V three phase

Comm. Technology

Radio Controlled Range
Tank Range - United Arab Emirates
The training complex of the UAE ground forces consists of four firing ranges. The firing ranges 1 - 3 with a depth of up to 5 km serve as Digital Multipurpose Training Ranges to train live fire shooting on stationary and moving tank and anti tank targets. Firing lane 4 with a width of about 5 km and a length of about 9 km is used as a Battle Area Complex. The layout may be modified at any time.

The whole training ground is radio-controlled and all targets are portable and thus not connected to any power supply besides the included gel batteries. The battery powered, solar charged and radio controlled lifters and movers have no infrastructural requirements. The position of deployable stationary infantry targets can be altered to swiftly modify the training scenario. Moving infantry target systems are equipped with modifiable target mechanisms allowing pop-up and swivel target mode.
The combination of portable targets controlled by radio gives the opportunity of simulating a different battleground every time. 
Besides the Central Control Tower, this complex is equipped with a Mobile Range Control Vehicle. The entire range complex can be controlled from the vehicle, allowing the instructor to move his range control to any desired location. The air-conditioned vehicle is equipped with an autonomous range control program and an own range surveillance camera system for day and night operation.