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Infantry Range - Austria

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Located in

Built in

Climatic Conditions
-20°C to +30°C

Summer: Hot and humid
Winter: Cold and heavy snowfalls

Power Supply
230 V AC and 400 V three phase

Comm. Technology

Radio Controlled and Hardwired Range
Infantry Range - Austria
This infantry range is part of a huge multi-purpose range complex and delivers training equipment for judgemental training.  Judgmental training is becoming more and more important in the law enforcement and military communities every day. Within this range complex in Austria, this hardwired and radio-controlled infantry range is the first one that focuses on the training of the soldier´s capabilities to distinguish friend from foe on the real battlefield. To accomplish this goal, TTS has implemented stationary as well as moving targets capable of rotating while raising the target and thus switching between friend and foe. These features provide maximum flexibility and variety for training. Even under extreme weather conditions, like heavy snowfall and low temperatures reaching -20°C, all TTS products deliver full-time functionality.