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Deployable Targets

Stationary Armor Target - Deployable

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  • Powerful medium sized lifter
  • Radio controlled and battery powered
  • Resists extreme temperatures (equipped with coldweather kit)
  • Repositionable
  • Low weight & good handling
  • 4-men portable
  • Stackable and steadfast
This SAT is a portable and compact target lifter and particularly popular to train deployed troops.
The intermediate target lifter is one of the most powerful medium sized lifters in the live-fire training market and due to its reduced weight it outrivals most competitive products. It is the low weight alternative to the SAT and perfectly combines good handling with high performance. Due to reduced weight and dimensions and a stabile protection frame the SAT allows flexible tank target scenarios on almost any training range.

The Stationary Armor Target - Deployable is also referred to as Medium Lifter, MKS, Front target lifter, Mittlere Klappscheibe.