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Deployable Targets

Moving Armor Target - Deployable

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24 V Drive Unit
  • Powerful lifting mechanism lifts up full-size frontal targets
  • Can be modified to display infantry targets
  • Allows extraordinary speeds
  • Variable and programmable speeds
  • Non-capsizable design
  • Safe operation
The deployable MAT is a very flexible and fast moving armor target lifter.
It represents moving half-scale tank flank and vehicle targets, but can be swiftly equipped with one or two deployable SITs.The deployable MAT is a good choice for customers who want to install an easily convertible combined arms training facility. The trolley of this MAT can be modified in various ways and can carry advanced SITs as well as the medium and heavy SATs. This version is typically used outdoors on multifunctional, deployable shooting ranges. With its modifiable target brackets the mechanism can move frontal tank silhouettes, half-scaled flank targets, tank turrets and APCs. Also it can be outfitted with a rigid vehicle silhouette and an advanced SIT in pop-up mode representing the driver.Due to the unique rail system this MAT is not subsceptical to wind and can operate at wind speeds up to 20 kph. Also, the Theissen-Rail allows high speeds. The outstanding benefit is the fact that the target cannot capsize- that makes the product safe and reduces maintenance costs caused by overturning target trolleys.

The Moving Armor Target - Deployable is also referred to as Multipurpose Moving Target, MMT.