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Precision Targets

LOMAH - 3D Infantry

An TTS 3D Infantry LOMAH is attached to an Advanced SIT.
An TTS 3D Infantry LOMAH is attached to an Advanced SIT.
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  • Can be added to any existing target system
  • Immediate and detailed performance feedback
  • Wide-Angle LOMAH (+/- 30° Azimuth & +/- 10° Elevation)
  • Rate of use of the training area can be increased
  • Special target material is not required
  • Omits the need of scoring personnel in the fire field
This 3D infantry precision target system allows the correct detection of the location of the hit on the target and is even able to detect the exact location of near misses.
The 3D LOMAH system (Location of miss and hit) or sometimes called AMS (Automatic Marking System) is designed to register the position of the hit on the target or the position of the miss graphically as well as x - y co-ordinate.The location of the actual hit or miss is registered independent of the used target material. There is no need of special targets, thus the customers standard target can be used. The shooter and the supervisor get immediated performance feedback of the position of the shot  on their screens.Registration is feasible for single shots as well as bursts of automatic weapons.The TTS LOMAH system is designed to be used as a stand - alone unit or as an add-on unit for existing stationary or moving target appliances.The special design of the system enables the scoring of projectiles fired with shooting angles up to ± 30° Azimuth and ± 10° Elevation.

The Location of Miss and Hit - Infantry is also referred to as AMS, Lomah, PLS, Projectile Location System, Automatic Marking System.