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Precision Targets

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  • Immediate feedback of the position of the hit on the target
  • Immediate correction of the weapon sight for zeroing purposes
  • Efficient and safe scoring
  • Time and effort saving
  • Instand feedback
  • Indoor and outdoor use
The TTS Box Target is a training and zeroing system that can be used in the field with live-fire.
This Box Target systems can be used for the scoring of hits for all kind of small arms, including pistols and sub-machine guns with subsonic ammunition. As a closed system, it gives shot-positions with exceptional accuracy. The TTS Box Target System provides trainee and experienced shooters alike with a cost-effective and accurate training system. The calculated position of the shot is transmitted down the range cabling to the TACF from where it also could be transmitted to the TTS Shooter's Monitor for display to the firer. The TTS Box Target replaces paper, canvas or wood targets.  Due to automatic scoring the systems omits the need for repeated access to the target area for the retrieval of information, the loss of data caused by the failure to measure all shots because of overlapping of rounds, particularly in the case of automatic fire and finally the errors made and time taken in manual measurement and analysis of shots fired.There is no more need for scoring personnel in the scorer's galery, exposed to the harzard of lead dust.

The Box Target System is also referred to as AMS, Chambered LOMAH, Box Target, Kammerziel.