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Precision Targets

Technical Specifications

The Chambered Target consists of a pair of sensor arrays in a delta format, mounted with a set distance between them, which sense the shockwave generated by the projectile. The signals generated by these sensor arrays are used to calculate the position of the shot with respect to the target. The arrays are mounted inside a wooden framed target. Rubber is positioned around the frame to give a zero-wind detection system for the automatic sensors. This allows the acoustic sensors to operate in the subsonic as well as supersonic regions.

Target Mechanism

Angles of Operation 180°, end positions adjustable 180°, end positions adjustable
Voltage 12 V, 110 V, 230 V
Other Voltages available upon request
Operational Temperature (max.) 65 °C / 149.0 °F
Operational Temperature (min.) -20 °C / -4.0 °F

Hit Sensoring

+/- 1 mm
Sensored Ammunition All small arms subsonic and supersonic projectiles

*Recommended values Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more detailed information.