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Software Support

If you need help with our software please feel free to contact TTS Software Engineers. Fields marked with * are required!

Please make the following information available:

  1. TTS product name and serial number.
  2. Detailed description of issue
  3. Operating system version (Example: Windows XP, Windows 7)
  4. Steps to re-create the issue
  5. Complete text of any warning or error message
  6. Steps you have taken to resolve the issue

By providing the requested information, a support specialist can contact you quickly and address your issue effectively. We are looking forward to help you.

Telephone Support:

For instant support on the phone please call:
International Support:
Tel.: +49 (211) 97504-0
US Support:
Tel.: +1 (352) 490-8020

Remote Support (Teamviewer):

Remote control for your control computer by one of our software experts.