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Theissen Training Systems GmbH :: Target Systems, Range Control Systems, Accessories, MOUT Ranges, Tank Gunnery Ranges, Marksmanship Ranges, Deployable Ranges, Basic Field Fire Ranges

Theissen Training Systems International NV

Here is where TTS target appliances are produced - in a plant, which is one of the most modern machine shops in Benelux Countries.

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Theissen Training Systems Int. NV


Theissen Training Systems Int. NV
Industrieweg-Noord 1150


Rik Jossels



+32 (89) 651370


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Theissen Training Systems International NV is the Belgium based manufacturing site of the Theissen Group.
Since 1994 the subsidiary company (formerly known as Gebr. De Rijk) based in Belgium, has manufactured gear wheels and high quality parts for the automobile and aerospace industry in its plant at Opglabbeek near Genk. The technical highlights of this operation are many fully automatic CNC machines and 6.000 sqm assembly sites. Over recent years the location has been continuously expanded and modernised.

At a glance

  • fully automated CNC machines
  • State of the art production technology
  • Efficient and flexible production