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Theissen Training Systems GmbH :: RCS - Range Control System, TACF, Range Controller, Shooting Range Computer, Range Control Unit, controls targetry, simulators and other accessories for small arms and armor range systems, Training Area Control Facility

Range Control Systems

Range Control Vehicle

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  • Special heatproof materials and reinforcements built in.
  • Available with other types of vehicles upon request.
  • Perfectly work with TTS target lifters, but may be used with other targetry  mechanisms as well.
Unimog (Range Control Vehicle)
The MMCV is based on a vehicle in the form of a serial chassis Unimog U 4000 l
4x4 with soft-twist suspended subframe which is equipped with a removable
shelter fixed on its loading platform.
This vehicle is conceived for the heavy area employment.

This shelter includes all required components-/ systems like TACF control
computer to control a complete shooting range. Targets will be controlled via RF

By using a built in 20kVA power generator the MMCV cabin is able to
work for a minimum of 60hours without any external supply.

An efficient air conditioning system was built into the cabin to protect the
operators from partial difficult environmental condition which can
occur during a mission in the desert.

The MMCV can also be equipped with a high power camera system, typically a
FLIR HRC S Multi-Sensor Thermal Image camera.