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Modular product range & customized solutions

TTS has continuously developed and improved a broad range of sophisticated off-the-shelf target mechanisms meeting today‘s technical and quality requirements. Our modular product range enables us to put together well proven components from existing products to supply tailor made and customized solutions.

Our highly qualified and well-trained research and development team can customize products to meet endusers specifications and infrastructural requirements. Contact us for more information.

Law Enforcement Targets

Theissen Training Systems stands out as a premier manufacturer and supplier of live-fire training equipment, predominantly catering to the critical needs of the law enforcement sector. Rooted in our comprehensive experience within the military market, we have garnered a profound understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by professionals in both arenas. This invaluable insight ensures that we are not only ready but also adept at meeting the specific demands of law enforcement professionals. From concept to completion, we specialize in designing and installing state-of-the-art shooting ranges to meet the specific training requirements of law enforcement agencies. Our deep knowledge and expertise facilitate smooth navigation through complex construction procurements. Whether it's updating current ranges with the latest in target systems, ballistic containment improvements, or environmental measures, we provide everything to ensure the whole project runs smoothly. 

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Infantry Targets

TTS offers a wide range of multifunctional target mechanisms for all types of infantry shooting ranges. Multifunctional Stationary Infantry Targets (SIT) and Moving Infantry Targets (MIT) are available to train marksmanship, Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) and tactical live-fire operations.

Armor Targets - SAT Standard

Armor Targets

TTS supplies professional live fire solutions to train gunners and crews of armored vehicles on intelligent stationary and moving targets.

We offer a wide range of full and half size Stationary Armor Targets (SAT) with flank or head-on views. Our product range for Moving Armor Target (MAT) covers self-propelled or cable-pulled systems able to move silhouettes with high speeds, modular and portable systems, as well as systems allowing curved trails.

Electronic Scoring - SIT Advanced with LOMAH

Electronic Scoring

For precision shooting and zeroing, TTS offers electronic marking and scoring technology for supersonic projectiles (LOMAH - Location-of-Miss-And-Hit) and for subsonic projectiles (Box Targets).

Range Control

Range Control Systems

TTS offers fully computerized Range Control Systems that allow convenient and user friendly total control of ranges and provides detailed training critique data to support after action reviews.



TTS delivers a wide variety of simulators that realistically create the acoustical impression of tank, anti-tank weapons, or hostile fire weapon systems.


TTS delivers a wide variety of accessories to further increase functionality.